četrtek, 06. september 2012

Še en bonbonček / Another great giveaway :)

Pa sem ga našla...še en bonbonček, katerega bi z veseljem prejela :) 

Če bi ga želela tudi ti, ga najdeš TUKAJ :) Pa veliko sreče, čeprav potihom upam, da jo bom tokrat imela jaz :) 

I have found another amazing giveaway. If you would like to read how to get all those amazing things, click HERE and you will find out :)
Wish you lots of luck...though I hope I will have some luck this time :) 

Till next post...good bye :)

3 komentarji:

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing about my giveaway

  2. Hi Katarina, thanks so much for dropping by my blog, becoming a follower and leaving such a sweet comment. I've now found you in return and have become a follower of yours too. Your blog is fabulous and look forward to seeing your future creations.
    Good luck in my candy draw.
    Caz x

  3. Thank you very much dear Car for becoming my follower :) It means a lot to me and thank for your compliments :) There will be more posts in future :)
    Take care.
    Hugs, Katarina :)


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