sreda, 17. oktober 2012

Polymer clay necklaces

I was not only making cards, but also made two, similar, just in different color combination necklaces. One I made for a girl that bought the necklace at auction for animal shelter and the second one (the one in red) I made for my friend's BD.
I have lots of fun doing this necklaces :)
Now I got some new tools and more FIMO polymer clay for my birthday I had few days ago (I got many more other goodies for stamping, like heat gun, embossing powder, ink pads, two very cute Me To You rubber stamps and some papers :D)
I am looking forward trying new tehniques - in card making and lewelry making :)
I can't wait.
Hopefully I will be a better girl and update my blog much more often :)
Thank you for stopping by and hope you like seeing my creations.
Till next time :)

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