nedelja, 13. januar 2013

Inspired by #9...Ko me inspirira #9


It's Sunday and it has been snowing here in Ljubljana since morning, so it's perfect time to do some crafting. 

Today I made one simple bookmark, which is perfect for another Inspired by challenge that you can find on Tina blog :) 

Because I am scuba diver and love sea, fish and blue color, I've decided to make bookmark in that style. 

I used blue color, made a lovely background with spray, made some shading around the corners, put the fish labels on it and tied the ribbon.  

I know it's simple, but I like it...and I guess that's the most important thing - to be happy with what you do! :) 

The challenges I will add to with this bookmark is: 

1. Kreativne iskrice - Inspired by #9...Ko me inspirira #9
2. My mums craft shop - Anything goes 

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon. 

Happy crafting :) 

6 komentarjev:

  1. Všeč mi je kako si z modrim ozadjem dosegla občutek morja in ribice lepo 'plavajo' v njem. :)

  2. Zelo lepo knjižno kazalo in krasna ideja z ribicami. Se mi je kar kolcnilo po morju :-)

  3. Kako lepo in preprosto kazalo. Srebrne ribice so tako nežne in oblika mi je tudi zelo všeč. Hvala, ker si se nama pridružila!

  4. res zgledajo kot bi plavale te ribice! Superca!

  5. Hvala vsem za lepe in spodbudne besede :)

  6. Deep feeling of ocean and serenity... Nice work!


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