petek, 16. maj 2014

Ko me inspirira....#25

Hello to all readers, if there are any left....

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog, but many things have been going on in my life...and more exciting things are going to happen in the future. 

I became mum in September 2013, a week ago I got married and in August we are moving abroad :) 

Meanwhile, I have done some cards for my friends, but usually I was late with sending and so took quick photos and never post them on my blog. 

I hope to change that in the future. 

For this time, I will post two cards and apply both for a challange that you can find on Tina blog :) 
The theme of this challange is CIRCLES. 

I made this card for my husband when he went to a job interview. 
The image is digital - pre-colored and the paper is digital too. 

Challange I am entering in with this card is:

Till next time, 


3 komentarji:

  1. Res je ljubka!!!! upam, da je prinesla srečo. Hvala, ker sodeluješ v izzivu.

  2. Intervju je bil uspešen in posledično se tudi selimo :D

  3. Veselo med oblake. Zelo cart.


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