sobota, 10. november 2012


Hello to all!

This post won't be about cards, but earrings :)

I got a simple tutorial - you can find it on Mavelu page - and decided to give it a go :)

I made 3 pair of earrings and coz' they turned out really cute, I will make more of them in the future :)

These are with dots, as you can see.

Next one are with pink stripes

And the last pair is winter theme with snow flakes

You can buy supplies to make this cute earrings in Mavelu store :)

I will end this post with a photo where you can see all pairs together :)

Hope you like my earrings :)
Comments are always welcome :)

Wish you all to have a nice weekend :)

Happy crafting and came back soon to check my blog.

Regards, Katarina

8 komentarjev:

  1. Katarina čudoviti so, sploh ti pastelno baby blue s snežinkico so cartkani. Lep vikend Tamara

    1. Tamara...najlepša hvala za pohvalo :) Lep vikend tudi tebi :)

  2. Really nice and elegant earrings, dear... Good work!

  3. Prav cedni so! :)

  4. Luškani so vsi, res - kaj pa črnobela kombinacija, je mogoče še v delu? ;)

    1. Suzy, bom naredila tudi kakšne v črnobeli še kakšne druge ;)
      Hvala za pohvalo :)


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